Is jealousy innate in men only?

2020-10-20 | Since 1 Month

Jealousy is an innate characteristic of a man that appears in his jealousy over his women that he may harm them, and it is a commendable quality if it appears in a moderate manner, which increases the man’s prestige and dignity, while it turns to the opposite completely when it exceeds its limits, turning into suspicion and satisfactory jealousy, but is a woman’s jealousy of her husband an innate matter as is the case In the man?

Women and innate jealousy

Jealousy is the most characteristic of a woman in terms of her innate qualities, but it varies between one woman and another. A deterrent or guide to guide him to the right path.

Experts attributed the phenomenon of women's disregard for their innate jealousy, which began to spread widely in our Arab societies, to many factors, on top of which is the imitation of other cultures and societies that call for openness and liberation, which completely contradicts our Eastern customs and traditions.

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