Israeli Army Evacuates Areas in Fear of Attacks From Gaza Strip

2020-10-20 | Since 8 Month

The Israeli army evacuated Monday morning workers from Gaza farms following intelligence reports claiming that a Palestinian cell is plotting to launch rocket attacks.

The military on Monday cordoned off roads and agricultural areas near the Israel-Gaza Strip border, citing engineering work.

"The residents are not subject to any danger," Israeli military sources assured. However, Israeli farmers were ordered not to work in areas near the border.

These activities sparked concerns about the eruption of war since the Israeli army has shifted priorities and placed the risk of a war with Gaza on top of the list.

Although the Lebanese Hezbollah is the arch-enemy, Gaza Strip’s preparedness for a huge war remains the main concern for Israeli security bodies, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

A high-ranking officer stated that an escalation is possible if no truce was reached with Hamas.

The truce would cover thousands of Gazans working in Israel, the transfer of the Qatari funds for a year, the desalinization of seawater, the construction of an industrial zone, and a solution for the captives and missing issue.

Notably, Qatar stepped in as a mediator between Israel and Gaza in quest of a long-term truce.

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