Wall Street Journal: China threatens Washington after its citizens are sued in America

2020-10-18 | Since 8 Month

The Chinese government has warned Washington that it may detain Americans in China, in response to the US Justice Department's pursuit of Chinese researchers affiliated with the army, according to a media report.

The American Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying that Chinese officials have issued repeated warnings in this regard to US government officials through multiple channels.

A US State Department advisory note dated September 14 warned against traveling to China, saying that the Beijing government is applying arbitrary detention and bans on leaving with US citizens and others to "gain an advantage in negotiating before foreign governments."

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The White House referred questions in this regard to the State Department. The ministry said in a statement that it confirmed "to the Chinese government - at the highest levels - our concern about China's arbitrariness in enforcing the exit ban with US citizens and citizens of other countries, and we will continue this until we see a transparent and fair process."

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