This Woman Who Ran A 5:25 Mile While 9 Months Pregnant Is Going Super Viral

2020-10-18 | Since 8 Month

Everyone saw supernatural tricks and almost impossible paragraphs that were circulated on TikTok, but none of them was comparable to this amazing achievement: a woman ran a full mile in less than five and a half minutes after her husband challenged her to do so .. while she was nine months pregnant.

American McKenna Myler told BuzzFeed that she was very careful with her strength training so that the pelvic torsion and the added weight did not cause any injury.

Mylar, the owner of the video that millions watched, added in her interview that her husband said he would give her $ 100 if she broke the 8-minute barrier per mile in the ninth month, and now, it is better for him to pay her what she deserves, because in the clip she went a mile in five minutes and 25 seconds.

Myler also said she consulted two doctors during her pregnancy, as any woman who exercises during pregnancy should do. It is important to note that there is no right or wrong way to spend a pregnancy, and that all bodies are different.

Glamor, the US magazine that also published the news, said it was not referring to this clip as a standard of fitness. But if a woman wants to break a record or achieve a goal while pregnant, with the doctor's approval, that's great.

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As for Mylar, she believes that “a sense of power is everything to me. Running was a great outlet for me this way. Running during pregnancy was a beautiful process for me, from accepting effort and patience, not forcing the body into anything, and giving up on trying to achieve a certain rate or A certain distance. "

Myler will deliver her son on Monday, October 19, and we hope the birth will be as fast as her.

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