Blockchain Chicken Farm by Xiaowei Wang

2020-10-18 | Since 8 Month

In Blockchain Chicken Farm, technologist and writer Xiaowei Wang explores the political and social entanglements of technology in rural China.

Her discoveries force her to challenge the standard idea that rural culture and people are backward, conservative and intolerant. 

“Instead, she finds that rural China has not only adapted to rapid globalization but has actually innovated the technology we all use today,” said a review in “This is a very insightful, beautifully written book about technological advances in rural China.”

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 Accompanied by humorous “Sinofuturist” recipes that frame meals as they transform under new technology, Blockchain Chicken Farm is an original and probing look into innovation, connectivity, and collaboration in the digitized rural world.

Clive Thompson said in a review for The New York Times that Wang “has written a nuanced and thought-provoking account, and it is not easy to tell, after you’re done reading it, how rural China will fare — whether its tiptoe toward prosperity and tech savviness is durable.”

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