The most prominent public speaking difficulties we face

2020-10-14 | Since 5 Month

Classical preachers invented stylistic terms such as antithesis and metaphor, but the art of modern discourse is much more than a collection of terms. History, philosophy, literary criticism, and social sciences tend to display the text as if it were some kind of map for the author's mind on a particular topic, but modern discourse aims

The most prominent public speaking difficulties we face

Fear of the crowd: Tension and fear are one of the most natural feelings that afflict the preacher, and getting rid of him is almost impossible, but the secret is to control him so that he does not reach stutterers, and to learn that the most daring celebrities suffer tension like you in the first moments on stage.
Forgetting information: gather a lot of information in the preparation phase and before the speech or presentation; Let the most talk stick in your mind, and don't worry, nobody will feel if you forget some points.

Embarrassing situations: Some people rise to the stage with confidence, but as soon as something changes suddenly, this makes them lose their balance, in short, do not pay attention to the distraction and take things simply to maintain your balance in front of the audience.

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Lack of interest: one of the major problems that preachers face in speaking is their inability to attract the attention of the public, so you find a man standing on the stage while the audience is messing with their mobile phones or talking to each other, the solution in this case is to play in the frequency of the voice and direct speech to the person other than The attentive, such as asking him a question, for example, or asking him for his opinion on a specific matter.
Note: Circumstances do not always allow you to suddenly communicate with the public, for example speaking at official conferences, it is not permissible for you to choose one of the sitters and talk to him randomly, stick to your speech and do not distract yourself with those who do not care.

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