3 masks to treat hair problems

2020-10-04 | Since 2 Month

The pharmacist, Aya Saqr, introduced; Through her personal page on the social networking site Facebook; A group of nature masks that treat hair loss and hair problems.

Natural masks for treating hair problems:

1- Lavender:

Lavender works to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, treat weak hair, protect it from falling, helps to moisturize the scalp, cleanse the fungi that cause dandruff, get rid of itching and work to produce new hair follicles, and protect against baldness Lavender herb works to nourish the hair and scalp ,
It gives hair strength and freshness, useful in extending hair.

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2- Turkish coffee:

Increase shine and luster of hair, work to restore hair vitality, help get rid of white hair, strengthen hair follicles, work to rid hair from split ends, treat hair loss, help smooth hair, increase hair length, treat scalp.

3- Rose Mary:

It treats hair loss, prevents the appearance of graying, increases hair length, and cleanses the scalp from bacteria.

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