Maintain the look of your jewelry with these 10 tips

2020-09-27 | Since 1 Month

Although jewelry is just a material, it needs care and attention to keep it sparkling and bright. If you are looking for a luxurious look, then you not only have to choose the most suitable jewelry, but also take care of it to keep it shining all the time. So, here are some tips that will tell you how to care for your jewelry to keep it looking forever, according to fashion.

1- Do not wear your jewelry while doing housework, such as cleaning the kitchen or toilet, or even removing dust from the house, to avoid exposing your jewelry to chemical elements and cleaning products.

2- Put on jewelry when you finish makeup, because cosmetics in addition to perfumes, body lotion and hair sprays contain chemical elements that spoil your jewelry and lose its luster.

3- Do not wear your jewelry while swimming or in the spa, because the water in these places contains chlorine that changes the color of your jewelry.


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4- Take off your jewelry before showering, because soap and shampoo add some layers of jewelry to make it look pale.

5- It is advised to clean colored gemstones using warm water with a soft brush and a gentle soap. Make sure to stop the drain from the sink in case the gemstones fall out of place.

6- To avoid scratching the gem, use an unused makeup brush and warm soapy water and then place the gemstones on the towel to dry. Also do not touch it after it is completely dry because it has the ability to attract dirt again.

7- Jewelry should not be stored in open places such as the top of the cupboard or shelves, because it is subjected to scratches and may sometimes be lost. Always keep your jewelry in the box that you got when purchasing it as it is specially designed to keep the jewelry from scratches.

8- There are some perfect boxes that have padded holes for hanging necklaces, rings, or bracelets. But when you keep pearls in safety deposit boxes, they may harm your jewelry more than save it.

9- When you take jewelry with you while traveling; Be sure to cover the jewelry with pads to keep it from getting scratched anyway.

10- Most jewelry stores sell or offer some free professional cleaning items for your jewelry, so be sure to get them when you find them to always keep your jewelry clean with a professional cleaning kit that will make a difference.

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