Dubai continues crackdown on businesses violating COVID-19 safety measures

2020-09-27 | Since 1 Month

The Dubai government’s regular inspection activities as economic activities are further normalized, to ensure that businesses and individuals keep to coronavirus safety protocols, have resulted into fines and warning for some establishments.

Inspection teams issued fines on seven commercial establishments, six of them for employees’ lack of commitment to wearing masks, and one for not adhering to physical distancing measures during 728 visits to open markets and shopping centers.

The violations were spotted in businesses in a number of shopping centers, as well as Al-Murar, Al-Daghaya, Riggat Al-Buteen, state news agency WAM reported.



The lone commercial establishment that was issued a warning failed to place the mandatory physical distancing stickers in their shop, the report added.

“Compliance with the precautionary guidelines have contributed to the gradual return to normal and safe commercial activity, eventually leading to the opening of all sectors and the economic reset in Dubai,” the Dubai Economy said.

“Stern action will be taken against any non-compliance found during the inspections or that may be reported by consumers and the public.”

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