A lucky man finds treasure worth $ 18 million due to a dream!

2020-09-25 | Since 12 Month

A dream led a Colombian to discover a treasure hidden in his private home, worth $ 18 million.

"Nicolas Escobar" stated that he had seen a dream in a dream indicating that there is something in a specific part of the house; So he decides as soon as he wakes up to go to the place and try to discover the matter.


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Escobar was shocked upon discovering a large plastic container containing millions of dollars with a foul smell, and the man pointed out that the coins were valued at more than 18 million dollars, except that they were so worn out that they were no longer usable.

Escobar also found gold bars, radios, tape recorders, a typewriter, and a pen all belonging to "Pablo Escobar", the cocaine leader and former owner of the house.

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