Germany ... a "mysterious" disease that kills thousands of birds

2020-09-24 | Since 4 Week

In the past two weeks, while Germany was in a state of near closure due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, more than 11,000 "blue mourning" birds were reported dead and infected.
The discovery of thousands of "blue mourning" birds, also known as "the blue chickade", are either sick or dead in western Germany, and scientists and conservation groups have investigated the cause behind this phenomenon.

According to the German Society for the Protection of Nature and Biodiversity "Nabu", the symptoms observed in sick birds included breathing problems, not eating and not trying to escape when people approached them.

And the association advised people to stop feeding these birds or providing drinking basins to them to reduce the risk of the mysterious disease transmission between them, according to the British newspaper "The Guardian".

According to the preliminary results of laboratory tests on the dead birds, it was found that they were infected with a newly discovered bacterial infection that particularly affects this species of birds and those of the same family of "chickadee" birds.

This bacterium, Suttonella ornithocola, affects birds similarly, and limited infections of the same species of "blue mourning" were reported in Germany in 2018.


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The detected infection causes pneumonia in "blue mourning" birds, making them lethargic and with difficulty breathing.

Dr. Becky Lawson, pathologist at the Zoological Society of London, said that she had not yet witnessed any increase in the death rate of "blue mourning" birds or any other types of garden birds in Britain.

Lawson added, "We are aware of recent reports about the death of the blue mourning bird in Germany, and we understand that investigations are underway to determine the cause .. Once a diagnosis is reached, we will be able to comment on whether we will see the same case in Britain."

It is worth noting that the "blue mourning" bird lives in all parts of Europe and some regions of the Middle East, such as Syria and Jordan, and feeds on insects, larvae and seeds.

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