How to negotiate an increase in your salary

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Perhaps it is not an invisible thing that there is a gap between the wages of the employees of the same company, and perhaps you can read discover this easily by reviewing your organization's payroll, we are not trying to solve the wage gap. But what we can explain to you is how to negotiate the best salary.

What you need to know

"The first thing you need to know is how much and what a man in a similar situation deserves," says Alison Doyle, a job search expert at The Balance.

You can start by going to websites such as ( - - and other salary sites to find out what job salaries are similar to what you are looking for. However, be aware that these numbers will be low as they are based on the average salaries of both men and women. Since you want to target the average male income, add at least 25 percent to the stated salaries.

Informing employees about the wages of their colleagues, "wage transparency" ... the pros and cons

Doyle notes that human resources and business boards can be a good source of information. You can ask if there is an average salary for this position? Some of them list it directly on their website.

Dr. Bensorenson, Vice President of Optimum Associates, says that if you are negotiating a salary increase in place of a new job, you will need to demonstrate your contributions well.

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Instead of trying to create a document with your past contributions, start from now on. And if you get an email from your boss praising your submission, keep it. The same goes for the sales numbers you played in, especially those that show your performance has improved this year compared to last year

What you need to say

When a new show comes out, it makes you show signs of joy. But keep that inside and don't let it appear on your face. Say "Thank you" and then ask for a time to look at it.

When you're ready to respond to an offer, here's how to request a pay raise: "I'm really excited about the offer, but based on my research, the payout looks low." Also, let the company know that it is not the only agency you can work with: "I would like to give other companies that I am communicating with that I have an offer and I will do the same for you."


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Sorenson offers advice if you want something otherwise, and you want to request a salary increase, you need a different method. And again, it's up to your performance. (One of my first bosses advised me not to think about what the company is doing for you, but what you do for your company) Present what I did, then ask: “Is it possible to get a salary increase as a result of this performance?” If the answer is "No", then you should continue. Immediately: "I would like your comments on increasing my salary to this level, based on my performance in the organization."

What you do not have to say

Cathy and Nofan, founder of, says that when applying for a new job, it is usual for you to be asked about your previous salary, or how much you want. Do not answer these questions, because your answer to one of these two questions will make you receive a low fee. Also, if you are filling out an online application, you should leave it blank.

If asked, what does she earn now, says Cathy Donovan? You can find another way to avoid the question:

“It's not about me, it's about the job. What's the salary of a job in the budget?
"I will be moving from a city where the cost of living is low."
"I just got a graduate degree, and my previous salary is irrelevant."
"If all attempts fail, you can give an average salary," Doyle says. "To do so, explain why you are entitled to the maximum salary for this job."

How do you say that

Work is personal. Because of this, it can be emotional. But when you negotiate, you must let go of your emotions, which means that the notion of fairness should not enter the discussion and that others in the company may charge more.

"You are not negotiating for equal pay," Sorenson says. "You are negotiating an increase in salary."

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