Lebanon faces negotiation crisis over formation of new government

2020-09-23 | Since 1 Month

Lebanon's newly appointed premier Mustapha Adib speaks during a press conference in Beirut, Lebanon on 31 August 2020

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib urged all parties on Monday to ensure the immediate success of the French initiative and facilitate the creation of a technocratic government to prevent the further collapse of the state.

“Lebanon cannot waste time amid this unprecedented crisis that has affected the country at financial, monetary, economic, social and health levels,” explained Adib to the Lebanese National News Agency. “The suffering of the Lebanese people, reverberating across the country and echoing through the deadly sea journeys that young people are taking, require the cooperation of all parties in order to facilitate the formation of an influential government with a concrete agenda.”

The official pointed out that the concerned parties have previously pledged their support to establish a technocratic government in order to prevent the further collapse of the state. “This is an attempt to save the nation from the worsening crisis and restore citizens’ trust in their country and institutions.”


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Adib stressed that he would spare no effort to achieve this objective in cooperation with the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun. “Everyone should work to ensure the success of the French initiative immediately and without delay, in order to save Lebanon and prevent the rapid deterioration of the country’s overall situation.”

Pointing out that any further delay will exacerbate and deepen the crisis, Adib concluded: “This will result in impoverishing the population even more and sabotaging the state’s efforts. I do not think anybody can bear the burden of assuming the moral responsibility for causing more pain to a people who have suffered a lot and are still suffering.”

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