New pensions offered to Egypt officers as Sisi continues to appease army

2020-09-23 | Since 2 Month

Egyptian soldiers

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a decree offering exceptional pensions to non-commissioned officers and former conscripts in the Armed Forces and their dependents, adding to a series of military privileges that have been expanding since the 2013 military coup.


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Sisi also ordered the creation of a medal to honour officers who participated in or contributed to Operation Sinai, which was launched in 2018 with a stated aim of ending terrorism in the province of North Sinai but has had dire consequences for the local population, including the razing of homes and farmland and the forcible disappearance of locals including children.

Militant insurgency in the province has intensified since 2013. Wilayat Sinai, a Daesh affiliate, has targeted army and security officers and conscripts, as well as civilians who allegedly cooperate with the Egyptian state.

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