Smart tricks to choose the right clothes without trying them

2020-09-18 | Since 1 Month

After many countries relaxed the precautionary measures taken to prevent corona, some have the ability to shop and buy new clothes; However, many stores refuse to experiment with clothes, especially with the spread of the epidemic, which puts customers in a great dilemma.

Fashion experts presented a set of smart tricks to choose the right piece, as follows:

Avoid buying tight clothes that highlight body flaws and replace them with loose-fitting clothes to hide the extra weight that many gained during home quarantine.


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What are the largest fashion companies doing to confront the Corona epidemic?

- Choose a piece of clothing from the same brand that you are used to buying from, and it is advised not to take risks and try a new brand of different sizes that may end up buying clothes smaller or larger than your real size.

- There is no objection to repeatedly buying a piece that you already own in a new and different color, whether it is in shirts or pants, to ensure that you get the right clothes without trying it.

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