How do you wean your child?

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Although the stage of breastfeeding is ideal for strengthening the relationship between the mother and the child, there is a time to end it and start the stage of the child eating solid food, as each age has its requirements for the correct nutrition to grow properly, and weaning a baby is one of the crucial issues in the life of the child and the mother, Dr. Wael Abdel Aal, Consultant Pediatrics at NMC Royal Hospital, gives mothers explanations about the period to end weaning.


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It is possible for the mother to have difficulty weaning, and the appropriate time for weaning varies from one child to another, but it is more common between the ages of nine months and one year of the child's age approximately. Where the child must rely during the first year of life on breastfeeding only.

Types of weaning

Progressive weaning: This is a slow weaning process that occurs over a period of weeks or months.

Sudden weaning: it refers to the sudden and rapid cessation of breastfeeding.

Partial weaning: This type of weaning combines breastfeeding with the initiation of solid food.

Temporary weaning: It is when the child stops breastfeeding for a period, and then returns to it again if the mother suffers from health problems or has undergone surgery and weaned the child himself, and this type of weaning is rare.


Tips for weaning the baby during the day

First: Do not offer breastfeeding to the child if he does not ask for it.

Second: Try to change the daily routine and avoid the place designated for breastfeeding in case he was breastfeeding when waking up.

Third: Try to seek help from your husband in carrying him and avoid you from doing so. That is, try to distract the child.

Tips for weaning the baby at night

1 - You can try to move the baby to a room designated for him, show him his bottle of milk.

2 - Try to make up for him by hugging him, touching him, and playing with him.

The tools your child will need at the solid food stage

1 - The dining chair as a first step in teaching him to depend on himself, and to accomplish his small tasks on his own. Where you can buy a highchair that makes it easier for young children to eat.

2 - Allocating a specific place to feed the baby, in order to avoid further chaos, as he must eat with his hand.

3 - The presence of wet wipes is also important, it is normal that your baby at this stage will cause a lot of chaos, so before introducing solid foods to your child, you should prepare "baby wipes"; To ensure that you clean his entire body quickly and easily, as well as being characterized by its extraordinary thickness and softness, as well as the dryness of your child's skin.


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4- You should also choose for your baby a washable silicone bib, to protect his clothes from food stains, which helps you to facilitate the cleaning process after every meal.

5 - It is necessary that the baby spoon is of adequate size and delicate design that attracts the attention of your child, and is made of soft silicone, so as not to harm his gums; Babies like to bite spoons while eating.

6 - You should also choose a drinking cup for your child so that your child can drink juices, water and liquids without leaking, there are types of cups that are specially designed so that young children can drink easily. The mug enables your child to become self-reliant, as it is designed with an anti-slip handle, which makes it easy for your child to hold the mug.

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