Protesters in New Zealand Prevent Removal of 100-Year-old Trees

2020-09-18 | Since 1 Month

Protesters in New Zealand have gathered to stop the removal of native 100-year-old trees, with one man tying himself to a digger.

The tree removal in Auckland started in July, and for more than 70 days, Save Canal Road Native Trees group have occupied the area in an attempt to save the remaining trees.

The group has called the local authorities to provide an urgent protection for the 100-year-old trees.


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According to protester Steve Abel, more than 200 locals and supporters have gathered early on Wednesday at the site to prevent contractors from removing the trees.

Abel said 10 climbers sat on trees, while other people hung themselves on felled trees or two half-ton barrels. He added that the contractors canceled the work scheduled on Wednesday, but some supporters stayed at the site fear of their return.

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