More than just a friend ... 7 signs that your colleague is in love with you

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Have you ever wondered if your best friend loves you as more than just a friend? If you think you have feelings without being sure, this article may help you confirm.

Here are 7 subtle signs that your best friend is a secret fan of you, according to The Good Men Project.

1- Everyone thinks that you have a loving relationship

If every friend and family member you meet thinks that you and your best friend love each other, then you may want to consider other possibilities of being more than one friend.

Especially if his mood is always improving with you and he treats you differently from all his other friends. In fact, these could be signs that he wants you to be more than just close friends.

2- You see her staring at you a lot

If you notice your best friend staring at you when you are not looking at her, this may be another clue that he likes you but is too shy to admit it to you.

Often times, when someone is romantically interested in you, they can't help but stare at you while you're talking or exercising. Also, your presence can easily attract his attention, making him not notice anything else but you.

3- She cares near you and being around you

Does your best friend hug you every time you see her or hold your hand while you walk? Her closeness to you and her desire not to be away from you are all non-verbal signs of romantic attraction that your best friend likes you.


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4- She pays attention to you a lot

One of the signs of love is the extra attention and attention paid to the one we love. If your best friend is paying special attention to you and acting more attentively toward you, then he or she must have more feelings than friendship for you. She may also try very hard to do anything for you, just to make you feel happy.

She gives you his full attention whenever you are together, she delights you when you feel frustrated, and leaves whatever she does just because he meets you.

5- She cares about your details

When your best friend remembers all of your little things and makes gentle, thoughtful gestures for you, she may be trying to tell you that he likes you. Especially if she's making an effort to appreciate your interests and hobbies to make you feel more attached to her.

All of these gestures show that you are important to him and that he may be romantically interested in you.


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6- She may give her opinion on your lifestyle

You may feel that your best friend has strict standards for the people you meet and go out with. She may criticize some of your friends and try to keep you away from them if she feels that they may cause you trouble or trouble.

Also, she is always trying to protect you about your emotional affairs and may try to convince you that you should not be associated with anyone. And while you think she only cares about you, she may really want to be the person you might bond with.

7- She doesn't care about anyone than you 

Finally, if your best friend doesn't seem to care at all about anyone else, it could be a sign that she has feelings for you. And she may talk to you about everything except for her love life, no matter what you ask him about.

If she always chooses to spend all his time with you rather than with someone else, this is a good sign that she might like you!

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