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5 products for thickening and trimming eyebrows

2020-09-16 | Since 1 Month

Some women use an old and inexpensive trick to give their eyebrows a thick and trimmed look throughout the day, which is to use eyebrow soap, but according to dermatologists, this trick is harmful to the hair and skin around the eyelids, and it is possible to use more effective and completely harmless alternatives. Learn about it in this report. :

How is the eyebrows thickened with soap?

As the name suggests, some women use an eyebrow brush and a bar of soap as an alternative to volumizing eyebrow products to fill in voids, lift and fix the brow bristles.

“Some women like to use this trick because it is an inexpensive way to get a strong, firm look throughout the day, especially if you have thick eyebrows that are difficult to groom,” says Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics’s global eyebrow expert. One of the old Hollywood secrets that makeup artists used during movie making, fashion and beauty photography shots, and even the disguised makeup that men usually use.

But despite the prevalence of that trick, dermatologists say it personifies proven dangers to hair and skin if used daily for a long time.

Damages of fixing eyebrows with soap

According to Sandra Lee, a dermatologist and founder of SLMD skin care products, any type of soap can negatively affect your skin.


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"This is especially the case if you have sensitive skin and in areas where your skin is thinner, such as the area around the eyelids," she says.

This is because soap may contain a number of ingredients that irritate the skin, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is responsible for creating lather and can cause skin irritation when not washed with water.

And while Sandra explains that, in general, soap can dry out skin, keeping it on the skin for extended periods of time threatens to develop contact dermatitis (ICD).

This means that you may experience a rash, irritation, itching, and the appearance of bumps or blisters.

The soap may also be strong on eyebrow hair.

"If the soap on your eyebrow trimmer is too thick, it might pull the hair off and cause empty patches of hair," says Bailey, while the eyebrow hair may take weeks to grow.

So how do I get bushy, manicured eyebrows?

Using products specially formulated for eyebrows is your best option rather than risking using soap.

If you want something that gives you an effect similar to that of eyebrow soap, he recommends covering your brow trimmer brush with clear eyebrow wax, then brushing them up and out.


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Or, of course, you can get one of the really good eyebrow styling products instead of it all, here are some products:

1- Brow Zings Pro Palette, by Benefit Cosmetics ($ 39)

It's a comprehensive set that meets all your needs for thick looking eyebrows.

The set consists of two different eyebrow brushes and a clear or tinted wax and long-wearing powder that gives you a defined brow look that lasts all day.

2- Major Brow Shaping Wax by Patrick Ta ($ 22)

Get a round brush to use this massive wax that defines your brow hair and holds it in place.

The great thing about this product is that it is packed with hair-nourishing ingredients like growth peptides, glycerin and olive oil, so your eyebrow hair becomes soft and strong while using it.

3- Brow Silk and Brush, Iconic London ($ 25)

This duo is somewhat similar to eyebrow soap, but is more skin friendly.

The wax is infused with moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil, and when brushing the eyebrows with the bristles of the brush, they appear denser, thicker and firmer.

4- Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty brand ($ 20)

Rihanna and the Fenty Beauty brand have created the most ingenious brow tool ever: the pencil has two faces, one with wax (which is waterproof) and an ultra-fine brush that precisely defines your eyebrows.

5- Eyebrow Editor, Sephora Collection ($ 19)

For styling and comprehensive eyebrow care, this product does it all. Besides the mirror and tweezers, you get eyebrow powder, wax, and curved and round brushes to meet your grooming needs.

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