Damage to exposure of medicines to heat and the importance of preservation

2020-09-16 | Since 1 Month

It is important to maintain the quality of the medicines we have, so we have to pay attention to the temperature of the place in which we put the medicines, as the high temperature may damage some medicines, and it is important to take a look at the accompanying leaflet inside each medicine box to find out what is the highest temperature that can be Exposure to it without being damaged.

There are many medicines that need low temperatures, so they must be stored in the refrigerator, such as insulin to treat diabetes, eye drops, and some heart disease medicines, and keeping these medicines out of the refrigerator, and exposing them to high temperatures, especially in the summer, may lead to their corruption and is dangerous On your health.

The effect of high temperatures on medication:

Heat negatively affects medicine, especially medicines that are kept in the refrigerator, so what happens to these medicines when electricity is cut off in the summer and are exposed to high temperatures?

Some medicines may lose their effectiveness, and other medicines may change their composition, cause stomach pain, and negatively affect the kidneys. We will mention examples of these medicines, their combinations, and their effect on you.


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Taking some medications may be life threatening, such as: insulin to treat diabetes and nitroglycerin, which is a part of heart medications.

Cream containing hydrocortisone, as well as drugs containing lorazepam and diazepam lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat.

Medicines that contain hormones, especially thyroid and contraceptive drugs, change the temperature of their composition and may negatively affect your health.

The albuterol inhaler medicine for asthma may explode if exposed to high temperatures.

If your refrigerator in which you store the medicines has malfunctioned, open the air conditioner until the room temperature drops, then put the medicines in it, but if the electricity is cut off and the medicines are exposed to the high summer temperature for long periods, you should notice any change in their smell or appearance before using them, even if they are on A cream body may separate or clump its components, so if the medications are changed do not take it.

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