Sanitize their hands before stealing

Thieves follow Corona precautions during their storming of a jewelry store

2020-09-15 | Since 1 Month

In a strange incident reported on social media, thieves exaggerated following the instructions of the World Health Organization regarding the prevention of Corona virus, during their robbery of a jewelry store in one of the Indian states.


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The Hindustan Times reported Saturday, September 12, 2020, about the robbery by 3 men of a jewelry store in Aligarh, northern India.

The video shows that the thieves followed the instructions for the prevention of Covid 19 disease caused by the emerging corona virus, they wore medical masks, then sterilized their hands with the disinfectant liquid inside the shop.

After they did so, they displayed their weapons in the face of workers and customers, stealing gold jewelry and running away, while the police launched a search for them, the newspaper reported.

The behavior of the thieves sparked a lot of amusing comments among the pioneers of social networking sites, as one of them tweeted, "I think they have mastered their work to an amazing degree, without killing anyone, and they did not transmit any potential infection to the employees."

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