'The Reckless Potter': New Kurdish-Syrian Novel by Adib Hassan Mohammad

2020-09-15 | Since 1 Month

After eight poetry collections and a critical book, Syrian-Kurdish poet and writer Adib Hassan Mohammad released his first novel "The Reckless Potter," which revolves around an important phase of the Syrian war.

The novel tells the story of Saman, a Kurdish man who has no identity or nationality, depriving him of a legitimate life in the land of his ancestors that embraces many religions, ethnicities, and beliefs. The story's events take place in the Upper Mesopotamia region.

The writer used a poetic style in some of the novel's parts, which takes the narration to vast interpretive spaces. He also uses several methods including the cinematic technique in some chapters, and the theatrical techniques in others, with the dramatic action evolving until the end of the story.


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The background of the novel features two different epochs separated by a half-century, but then they intersect in a parallel line of events that ends with many surprises and unexpected incidents.

The 196-page novel has been recently released by the Mosaic publishing house, Turkey.

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