For men only ... 10 tips to make your fragrance last as long as possible

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Men and women have been scented for thousands of years, and the fragrance improves the first impression that a man leaves and even increases his confidence, so here are 10 tips for the fragrance to last as long as possible instead of spraying the scent continuously and cumbersome to the monthly budget.

According to the book Neurobiology of Sensation and Reward, wearing perfumes can improve the social condition of the individual, increase his attractiveness, and may cause reactions and emotional attachments!

10 tips to make your fragrance last
Men see sprinkling their favorite scents as a quick way to end their morning grooming routine, but the scent doesn't usually last until it reaches its destination. The goal here is to make sure that your carefully chosen fragrance will last you all day, so check out these simple scent tricks.

1- Check the concentration level
There are different types of fragrance, and a general understanding of the level of concentration and purity will give you an idea of ​​how long these perfumes last.

For example, the perfume with a higher concentration level ranges between 15-40%, meaning that the fragrance lasts about 8 hours, according to Gentleman's Gazette.

2- Perfume immediately after showering
It might make sense to put your perfume right before leaving the door, but in fact, it is best to apply the perfume right after you shower.

You might ask, "Will it not dissipate during the rest of the preparations for exit?" In fact, no, and that's because when you get out of the shower your pores are open, and this is the perfect time for your body to absorb and retain the fragrance.

It is worth noting that spraying perfumes on clothes means that the smell will hang in the fabric instead and in the end it will dissipate much faster, and most of the time, you risk yellow stains appearing on your clothes either due to the oily or alcohol content.

3- Moisturize your skin
In order for the skin to retain fragrance, it must first be moisturized, so you must first apply a moisturizer or cream to the skin, but remember that the scent of a moisturizer does not outweigh the scent.

Smells mixing can be annoying to others, and the delicate scent of your perfume should help you improve your presence in front of others, not keep them away from you.

Another tip is to apply petroleum jelly to your pulse points. This helps to create a barrier between your skin and the fragrance, which helps prevent the fragrance from being fully absorbed and thus the scent lasts longer.


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4- The harmony between the fragrance and other scents
If you can't use an unscented moisturizer, make sure the scent matches the scent of the perfume.

Some brands offer a moisturizer, cream, or even shower gel that smells compatible with the fragrance you use. This will help you ensure that the scents harmonize.

Also, it is very important to ensure that the aftershave does not clash with perfumes.

5- Apply perfume to pulse areas
Another important rule of thumb to wear perfume so that it lasts longer is to put it on warm pulse areas in warm areas of the body.

The pulse points are the neck at the chest, the lower jaw, the wrist, the inner part of the elbow, and behind the knees.

They are a lot of places, so at first, try two or three of these places, then if you become more comfortable putting more in, you may start spraying more on more areas.

Remember that it is important to place the spray nozzle 6 to 15 centimeters from the skin, and to only spray twice on one area if you are using a regular concentration perfume.

6- Do not rub your skin
Although rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume might make sense to you, it's actually not a good idea.

This action will fade the characteristic smell and will not allow the fragrance to be absorbed into the skin. The truth will break the rubbing off the fragrance molecules, and it will make the fragrance wear off faster.

7- Apply back carefully, if necessary
If you need a mid-day burst of perfume, it makes sense to spray again.

But carrying a perfume bottle is not appropriate, and trying to spray in public places is not a feature of an elegant man, and it may also be a nuisance for those who have a sensitivity to perfume.

A great technique is to spray perfume on cotton swabs and place them in a plastic bag to make sure the moisture does not escape. This bag is easy to carry throughout the day, and when you need extra, you can simply wipe with this cotton on the pulse areas.

And try to go to the restroom or a private place to do this.

8- Line clothes drawers with perfume
Although we do not recommend spraying the fragrance directly on the clothes, you can be sure that your distinct scent will remain in your clothes in the correct way if you line the clothes drawers with paper towels that have been previously sprayed with your favorite perfume.

This tip will help maintain the scent throughout the day, even if it's light.

9- Store the perfumes in a correct way
To ensure that a fragrance retains its aroma and quality for as long as possible, it is important to understand where we should leave the perfume at home.

Do not put it in the bathroom. This is because the chemical structure may change completely with the change in temperature and humidity during the shower.
Keep perfume in a cool dry place. Maybe a drawer in the bedroom, or even a wardrobe, can ensure the quality stays true.
Avoid exposing perfumes to the sun. This will break down the chemicals, reduce the strength of the fragrance, and the fragrance will definitely expire sooner than it was supposed to.
It is also very important that you check the expiration date to make sure that the concentration of the perfume remains intact, and this will help you to ensure that it will stay for as long as possible.

10- Keep the perfume in its original bottle
Finally, to make sure the perfume lasts longer, it is important to remember to keep it in the original bottle in which you bought it.

There are very fancy bottles on the market, but exposing your perfume to the air and letting it evaporate is not a good idea. This will spoil the fragrance, its strength, and its chemical composition.

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