Republic Of Wrath

2020-09-13 | Since 1 Month

Author: James A. Morone

Political scientist James A. Morone surveys more than 200 years of partisan discord in this incisive and well-researched history.
Monroe “marshals a vast amount of information into a brisk, accessible narrative, and draws illuminating contrasts between past and present, spotlighting, for instance, stark differences between the politics of Democratic presidential candidates Harry Truman and Hillary Clinton,” said a review of The Republic Of Wrath in
This “nuanced and richly detailed account offers essential perspective ahead of the 2020 election,” said the review.
Jia Lynn Yang said in a review for The New York Times that Morone’s “narrative gains some steam the closer it gets to the present, when the contours of our current political climate become clearer. He offers a useful reminder that the switch of Black Americans from the party of Lincoln to the Democrats was a shocking development — one he credits to Franklin Roosevelt’s expansive social policies, even if they were not always designed to be equitable.”
This history, Morone suggests, means that “we should not try to predict how political alliances may look in the future.”

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