The Great Secret

2020-09-12 | Since 1 Month

Author: Jennet Conant

Historian Jennet Conant reveals the surprising links between chemotherapy and chemical weapons in this well-researched and engrossing account.
The Great Secret is the gripping story of a chemical weapons catastrophe, its cover-up, and how one army doctor’s discovery led to the development of chemotherapy.
Modern cancer therapies are often the result of years of targeted research and development, making it easy to forget that many of the field’s early breakthroughs had as much to do with chance as they did with preparation.
In The Great Secret, Conant recounts one such breakthrough, which was made in the wake of a deadly disaster.
Drawing largely from archival research, Conant relies on a loose conversational style to convey a fast-paced medical detective story.
The book provides “detailed information how chemical warfare led to chemotherapy treatments,” said a review in
The book “works on so many levels. It is fascinating from page one to the very last page.” It remains very readable and provides important background details, enough to take you on a real journey. It brings the subject matter to life.”

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