Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi ... "A Colleague of Einstein"

2020-09-12 | Since 2 Month

 Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi,

The Emirati scientist, Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi, is one of the most prominent international scientists in the field of theoretical physics research, due to his multiple scientific contributions and various research, which dealt with a range of phenomena, the most important of which is black holes in space, where he won the admiration of the most prominent international experts in the sectors of science, engineering and space. Because of his constant desire to give and achieve and supplement the field of knowledge with various theories and discoveries.

Ahmed Al Muhairi was born in 1986 in Abu Dhabi, where he enrolled in various academic stages, during which he was passionate about science, knowledge and discoveries, leading to his graduation in 2004 from Choueifat School, where he was sent by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to study a bachelor’s at the University of Toronto to graduate after 4 years In the specialization of the “Physics Engineering” program, and thereafter he continued his academic achievement through the Scholarships Office of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs to study masters and doctoral degrees at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he won the best doctoral thesis award at his university level in the field of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.
Al-Muhairi was able to be the first Emirati to gain admission to post-doctoral studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, in the United States, and he is considered the most prominent institute for theoretical physics research in the world, in which Einstein worked in the last twenty years of his life, where he was called a "fellow Einstein », due to his scientific contributions and his eagerness to delve into the physical and scientific theories put forward by the famous scientist Einstein.


During the past year, Ahmed Al Muhairi was honored with the Emirates Pride Medal during the ceremony of the fifth session of the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Excellence in Governmental Performance for his global scientific role, as Al Muhairi owns research papers in theoretical physics, which have been cited more than 1500 times by other researchers in various regions. the world.
Al-Muhairi, together with a group of international physics scientists, recently won the "NewHorizon" award for their account of the quantum information content of black holes and their radiation and their progress in discovering "Sub-GeV", in relation to the "SENSEI" experiment, and the award is among the most important international physical prizes. The prestigious, which confirms the busy scientific career of Al Muhairi, and embodies the high international standing that he garnered for his research on theoretical physics and black holes.

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