How do you avoid answering personal questions?

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How do you respond when someone asks you a personal question? If I were like the majority, you would hesitate and think, "Why are you asking me this question?" Then you might try hard to find the appropriate response?

Whether the question is from a friend, family member, or someone else, curious questions do not oblige you to answer the way the questioner wants.

To help you manage these situations, these are some of the best ways to evade personal questions without starting a war.

The best approach to dealing with these situations is to think like a lawyer.

Lawyers know the most common reasons behind aggressive interrogation. They also know the potential consequences of personal information ending up in the wrong hands, says Live Bold and Bloom.

Avoid the question

An obligation ceases to indicate that the question is irrelevant or of a highly personal nature. Example

Questioner: How much do you spend on this fine coffee per month? You: I don't see how this is relevant. Or it's my money, it's my own business.

Ignore the question:

Speak as if you hadn't heard the question. It sends a message that it is irrelevant or unworthy of an answer. Example:

Questioner: How old are you, anyway?

You: Just like I was saying ...

Put the liquid on the line of defense:

If he does not calm down, answer questions from you. It doesn't distract them but it sends a message that you won't be put in an embarrassing situation. Example:

Questioner: You did not answer my question?

You: How were you to fare it? Or, what if I asked you a rude question?

Ask permission

This is a great time to go to the toilet, grab a refreshment or go to say hello to a friend you just saw. Use whatever you like. Example:

Questioner: Then will you finally rise ... You know?

You: You know? I have to go to the toilet.

Reaffirm or rephrase the question

Reaffirm the original question in a roundabout way to manage the conversation in a less personal direction. Example:

Questioner: I heard that you believe in reincarnation? How will you get back?

You: I think it's really better if you ask me if I think a short life is all we need to learn everything we need to learn.


Ask him to clarify the question to buy more time to decide what information you want to share. Example:

Questioner: How much do you pay rent for this place?

You: Sorry! Did not understand the question, or a comparison with what?

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