A head of state mourns a fish, and lawyers prepare her will, and a conversation about a funeral for her, so what is her story? (Video)

2020-09-09 | Since 4 Month

Edgar Longo, President of Zambia, joined his people in mourning a fish that was living in the pond of the country's second largest university. Copperbelt University students lit candles and marched around the campus to mourn the big bream.

According to a report by the British network "BBC", Tuesday 8 September 2020, the hashtag "Mafishi", which is the name for which the fish is famous, which means "big fish" in the local Bemba language, tops the list of the most discussed topics on Twitter, in the southern African country .

For the past two decades, Copperbelt University students have believed that this fish brings them good luck in exams.

Lawrence Cassondi, president of the university's student union, said that the Mafishi fish is at least 22 years old and has lived in the university's pond for more than 20 years, and Kasundi added that the fish’s death is still under investigation.

"The fish has not been buried yet, as we are planning to embalm it," Kasunde told the BBC.

For his part, Kennedy Gondoy, BBC correspondent in Zambia, said that some students used to show respect and appreciation to the fish before exams, believing that it brought them good luck, while others saw it as a calming of stress.

President Longo quoted Mahatma Gandhi, an anti-colonialist, in his obituary message, saying on Facebook: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated, I am glad you got a goodbye worthy of you, we will miss you all.”

Opposition leader Hackendi Heishilima said, “We stand with current and former Copperbelt University students and mourn the iconic fish Mafishi.” In other comments on Twitter, an account called MoffatSamora said: “Let your fins rest in peace, we have sent the best lawyers and accountants to help the family prepare Commandment. "

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