A quick home exercise to get rid of shoulder pain.

2020-09-07 | Since 2 Month

Most of us spend a long time in front of the office, whether for work or study, and we are in a forward bending position, especially when we use laptops or computers, which makes us more vulnerable to shoulder pain and problems.

And to completely eliminate shoulder pain, we show you steps to do a quick home exercise that does not take more than a minute, according to "brightside".

Initial position: Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor with your spine straight.

What are you doing :

Bring your left arm to your left ear and bend it at the elbow, with your palm facing your back.

Bend your right arm at the elbow so the back of your hand is facing your back.

Keep your back straight, expand your chest and interlock your hands together behind your back.

Make sure you feel a stretch in your arms and chest.

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