Are there vitamins for men to conceive males?

2020-09-05 | Since 2 Month

Studies and research conducted in this topic, one of which was published at the University of Malta, found that there are two main factors that help increase the chances of reproduction, namely, how and when a couple has sex.

According to the study, when a married couple has sex more than once, the chances of conceiving children become greater, and this should happen in the fertile period that begins at the end of the menstrual cycle.

If pregnancy occurs at the beginning or end of this period, it is likely that the baby is boy. If it occurs in the middle of the fertile period, it is most likely a girl.

Conversely, if sperm motility is weak or slow, the chances of conceiving a male are reduced.

Research and studies have also confirmed that the psychological state and mood affect the matter, if the men feel excited because of anything, even if they are excited about the victory of their team in the football match; Sperm is likely to be faster, which means that there is a high chance of conceiving children.

Strange reasons that may deprive a man of childbearing

The likelihood of conceiving a male increases in some cases, and there are a set of procedures to help you with this, including having sex on the day of the rush; That is, the day when your partner is most fertile or the next day, and the peak day is often before ovulation day or the day of ovulation itself.

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