Which is better to marry for love or traditional marriage?

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Marriage is one of the most important social institutions that a person builds and that affects all aspects of his life, so everyone seeks to find the right person.

We find marital relationships that arise after a love story between the two people, while there is a traditional or arranged marriage that occurs when a person nominates a girl that he finds suitable for a young man or his family, and a match occurs between them and the marriage is completed. But the question remains: which is better marriage than love or traditional marriage?

Below we review a set of the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and love marriage, to help you both make a decision in this matter.

Marry for love

Marriage about love has a set of characteristics, on top of which is that the two parties of the relationship know each other well, and take this decision after a long enough period in which they have known each other, and trust their desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

In this relationship, the two parties are the main responsible for their decision and choice, which means that if any problem occurs or the relationship ends badly, they will not be able to blame anyone else.

This relationship is characterized by the fact that the two parties are well aware of the faults and characteristics of the other, and they also know the natures of each other, so they can understand and move forward.

In most cases, spouses in love marriage relationships are more independent, and they can deal with problems a lot better, especially since they have a great deal of understanding and understanding.

traditional marriage

Let us spread that the traditional marriage is not a contract between two people alone, but in most cases the traditional marriage is a marriage of two families rather than a relationship that occurs between two people, so you find that the differences that arise between the spouses can be easily and effectively resolved. Also, in traditional marital relationships, fathers lead their children so that they can get out of the crises and obstacles they face.

Nevertheless, some people find that love before marriage is indispensable, given our current lifestyle and our busyness, no one will be able to devote some time and make more effort to understand the other party after marriage.

Some complain that the multitude of social obligations in traditional or arranged marriage relationships may be frustrating at some time.

In sum, marriage, whether it is about love or a traditional marriage, each has its own flaws and advantages, so it is necessary to scrutinize the faults and characteristics and think well before making this decision.

It should be noted that although some families share their children in most of the marriages, but the spouses are the ones who live with each other, so the decision to choose a life partner must be for the parties to the relationship only. And remember that the success of the marital relationship depends on a group of things, on top of which is understanding, affection, respect, and appreciation.

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