Cadillac Converj: GM offers glimpse into the future

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2009-01-28 | Since 11 Year
The luxurious Cadillac Converj concept is the General Motors' offer of a glimpse at the potential of electric propulsion.

By Staff Writer
GM converges the ‘future of the automobile’ with its dazzling Caddy

GM is on a mission to reinvent the car at a time when it’s also flapping like a baby seal trying to stay afloat.

The luxurious Cadillac Converj concept is the General’s offer of a glimpse at the potential of electric propulsion. The Converj is a large grand touring coupé with space for four passengers and Voltec running gear, which enables occupants to enjoy 65km of emissions-free electric driving.

What GM is aiming to show with its latest electric concept is also that a hybrid or alternative-energy car needn’t look like a confused fridge or melted down SUV: The Converj features a bold design with strong lines accentuating a distinct Caddy look. The front can’t be mistaken for anything but a Cadillac, with a sharp and angular grille flanked by boomerang head lights, which is a styling feature also characteristic of the rear.
The brand’s traditional ‘art and science’ design theme is evident on all its current products but the Converj takes it up a notch with an aggressive, forward-leaning stance and compact, taut proportions indicating a sporty nature, rather than silent electric propulsion.

Called Voltec, the powertrain is made up of a 16kwh battery, an electric drive unit and a four-cylinder engine-generator. It uses electricity as its primary source, thanks to a battery — borrowed from the Chevy Volt — integrated in the chassis. It charges via regular wall outlets taking around three hours to recharge.

The Cadillac Converj drives its front wheels with 370Nm of instant torque rushing through the 21in (22in at the rear) rubbers as well as 161bhp helping to take the GT to its 162kph top speed, all the while ensuring passengers ride in comfort, thanks to the Magnetic Ride Control technology. 

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