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2020-08-14 | Since 1 Month

Veganism is not just a trend, but a way of life. The concept in gaining a lot of mileage and popularity in recent times, as people are starting to realise not just the ill effects but also the problems with animal based products. Awareness and consciousness of the customers has led to an increased demand for vegan food, beauty products and other items such as furniture and accessories. Top fashion brands and even beauty companies are looking to introduce vegan products to cater to this growing demand and market.

"The growing demand for vegan products is because of two broad reasons, one being animal farms and abuse and second being the rising number of people that are developing allergies to it due various processes that animal based products have to go through. Although the primary reason for people to switch to vegan products is self-awareness and consciousness, it’s a market that’s growing every day," says Rukshmani Thakkar, Technical Head, Enrich Salon. "Vegan products use plant based formulas which are gentler on the skin, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Animal based products can be very heavy on the skin and hence have been known to clog pores. Our skin actually absorbs about 60% of the products that we apply, which means the product eventually passes through our blood stream without being detoxified by our livers and kidney, which can have adverse effects on one’s health," adds Thakkar.

Vegan products are also cruelty free, which means they are not tested on animals which makes the brand and products ethically more responsible. This is one of the reasons why consumers are preferring these products as it gives them the chance to not just support ethical companies but be a part of the wave of being more environmentally friendly.
In India, the vegan wave is just building up. We have also seen emergence of some great Indian skin care brands that are vegan and cruelty free. More skin care brands are also formulating products which are chemical and paraben free as these ingredients can turn out to be very harmful for consumers in the long run. Make sure to research and invest in products that ensure maximum benefits.

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