How do you reconcile with your wife?

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How to reconcile with your wife after a problem, this obsession remains the most prominent thing that disturbs a man in his relationship with his wife, and because no marital relationship is complete or free of problems, we offer you, dear man, tips that help you to reconcile with the wife at the time of disputes between you.

Talk to her softly

The first thing that you should do in these situations is try to speak with your wife gently and with tenderness, and during that conversation you try to sincerely apologize for what she did against her, while showing actual remorse for your sin, and admitting full responsibility for the mistake and not trying to justify it, and in order to talk about all of that, you must Choose the right time and place for your wife to be ready to listen to you at her time, and in case she refuses, you should wait for the right time for her after her internal revolt has subsided towards you.

Conducting a regular dialogue between the spouses is one of the foundations for preserving the cohesion of the marital relationship and preserving it from the specter of routine. After an apology that melts the iceberg between the two parties in a problem, the foundations must be laid through promises that the husband is committed to in his words and actions towards his wife, that he will stop some behavior That annoys her from him, and how he intends to abide by that and discuss it with her in an attempt to prevent the recurrence of the mistake, in addition to emphasizing his love for her and her qualities, and it is preferable to define those qualities to inform her of the sincerity of your feelings towards her.

Listen carefully to her

One of the things that most annoys a woman from her husband is her feeling of being constantly underestimated by her words or underestimating its importance, so you have to learn to listen carefully when reconciling with the wife, while giving her all her time to disclose what is inside of her while looking into her eyes with interest and not interrupting her at all, leave her to continue her speech until the end without Argument or comment on what she said, because that is respect for her feelings and an understanding of the anger she feels, in the end all she wants is her reconciliation, and if you want to express your opinion, make sure that you do so without nervousness

Correct the path and overcome the problems of the past

You have to work on building a healthy relationship with your wife, so living in the problems of the past and their appearance on the surface every period will not benefit the relationship. It is better to focus on the present and future of the relationship in order to maintain its stability and rebuild again on sound foundations, and that is through continuous continuous communication between the spouses, without Hiding feelings or feelings that one party has towards the other, while the husband can express to his wife his happiness in being with her and tell her again and again how much he loves her, while sometimes attaching this to simple romantic gifts or love and spinning messages that will have a great impact on the wife.

Please the wife

It is not possible to reconcile with your partner without making some effort to appreciate her and to make her aware of her importance in your life, and here are some tips to work on satisfying the wife during her reconciliation so that her heart tends and the relationship returns to good health.

Spend some time with her and communicate well with her to resolve any issue related to your marriage.

Surprise her with the simplest things, such as entering her with a box of chocolates that she prefers, or presenting her with a bouquet of roses or even one rose. Women are very content with those romantic matters.

- Telling her feelings of love towards her and the ideas that help solve your problem, writing that in a letter will have a great impact on her.

Ask her to go out on a romantic date such as engagement days, and treat her during it as queens to know how special you are.

- Never underestimate her feelings or her view of any disagreement between you, and do not underestimate the matter and claim that it is simple and does not call for reproach.

- Offer her candy or a drink while making peace

- Do not rely on reconciliation by means of ending and overcoming a situation without having the real intention within you to reform. You must gain her confidence and make her aware of your loyalty to her while making sure to change your behavior.

- Apologizing seriously while explaining your understanding of the reason for your wife's annoyance and her right to do so, with your willingness to answer her questions about your behavior in the event of a repetition of the matter. It is also preferable to apologize to her in person if the event is serious.

Ways to avoid marital problems

Some small things and subtle details, may enable you to live a balanced marital life with few problems. Here are ways to avoid marital problems.

Bring her some flowers one day, surprise her with an invitation to dinner on another day with a simple walk in the garden, little things that will maintain a renewed relationship and strengthen the spirit of partnership between the two of you.

Marriage after a period of time faces many challenges such as the need to take a breath and rest a little, a period in which anxiety and tension prevail, with the increase in feelings of fear and jealousy in the wife's heart, accompanied by a gradual lack of confidence in the other party, the husband at that time must be patient and understanding and help his wife to overcome that stage and cross Marry them to safety.

- The concern to overcome any problem between the spouses quickly remains the main driver for them to find out the dimensions of that problem, understand it and solve it in the fastest time, which would kill the differences in their infancy, and confirms the fact that both parties want reconciliation instead of arguing over the responsibility of each From them about the cause of the problem

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