The Artist-Designed Face Masks Supporting Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art

2020-08-06 | Since 2 Month

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak financial devastation, many of America’s most beloved cultural institutions have been forced to take emergency measures to survive. A recent study suggested that one-third of U.S. museums would not make it through the pandemic without financial relief, while the country’s creative workforce—an overwhelming percentage of whom are self-employed—have found themselves with little to no government support. Unless the stimulus packages introduced by Congress to aid the country’s flagship cultural hubs are quickly extended to the very people who make them run day to day, America’s post-pandemic creative landscape will be unrecognizable.

Yet despite these sobering statistics, the creative community’s impressive efforts to rally together and provide financial support to those suffering most greatly as a result of the crisis pay testament to their resilience and resourcefulness, from photographic print sales to virtual seminars.

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