6 tips to keep your jewelry clean and shiny

2020-08-06 | Since 2 Month

During the summer months, especially with the high temperatures and humidity levels commonly experienced across the region, your precious jewelry can pick up a lot of dirt from sweating. Here are some tips on keeping your accessories clean.  

    Do not disinfect


    Cleaning your jewelry is better than disinfecting it. Disinfectants such as bleach, chlorine or alcohol are not safe on precious metals.


    Polish your jewels


    Rub your polishing cloth over jewelry to take away any tarnish and to give them a shine. These magical fabrics are cheap and will last for a long time.


    Bring to a boil


    Boiling water is a low maintenance way of cleaning your jewelry. Place your accessories in a glass container and add boiling water. Let them sit until the water cools down, then wipe them with a clean cloth.


    Deep cleanse


    You can also use shampoo that has been diluted with some warm water to wash away any further dirt your jewelry might have picked up.


    Use a toothbrush


    For hard-to-reach spots gently rub an old toothbrush over such areas to get the dirt out.


    Ultrasonic cleaners


    If you are too busy to frequently clean your jewelry, then invest in an ultrasonic cleaner that will not only clean your jewelry, but other accessories too such as glasses and watches.


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