Approaches of Literary Criticism, Their Origins

2020-07-30 | Since 7 Month

A street book stall in Mumbai. Photograph: Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi/REUTERS

The Arab Institute for Research & Publishing has recently released a new book entitled "Approaches of Literary Criticism" by Dr. Shukri Aziz Madi.

The 256-page book uses many Arabic writings and poems, old and new, to explore the common approaches of literary criticism such as the classic, romantic, historic, psychological, and social aesthetic criticism.

The work also discusses other trends like the structural criticism and the poststructuralist criticism, cultural, in addition to interpretive reading, and the post-colonial criticism.

The book has a rich content that covers different times and places, highlights many purposes and several criticism trends, and discusses various texts, philosophic frames, and terms.

In his book, the author seeks to raise questions aiming at reestablishing the efficacy and stability of an important formative tool in the contemporary Arabic culture, and opening a new perspective in the journey of Arabic criticism that paves the world between the university and people, literature and criticism, and criticism and audience.

The book is an attempt to lure the ordinary reader whose right to learn about criticism approaches and their origins has been neglected lately, and to allow him to overcome the reluctance caused by the flow of ambiguous complex approaches.

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