What We Are Eating Today: Craving Keto

2020-07-29 | Since 6 Month

Craving Keto was launched in Jeddah and Makkah to cater for people looking to lose weight by following the ketogenic diet (keto, for short), a low-carb, sugar-free, high-fat eating regime said to have numerous health benefits.

The business duo offers various keto and gluten-free selections that taste like normal food.

Keto, a popular diet around the world, results in a state called ketosis when the body starts to consume fat instead of carbs. Followers must be willing to cut out soda, cheese, bread, pasta, and sweets from their daily eating routines.

In order to help the body adjust to the sudden sugar and protein cut other food types are needed to compensate.

Craving Keto claims to offer healthy, ketogenic options for a well-balanced diet that includes sweets such as cinnamon cupcakes, cheesecake, and chocolate, pecan, rainbow, and vanilla cakes.

Savory dishes include an authentic Saudi beef bread called eysh billaham, as well as samosas, and keto toast, buns, simit bread, spinach pie, pizza, and manakeesh is also offered.

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