Passengers scream in terror and weep as flight battered by severe turbulence

2020-07-12 | Since 4 Week

Mask wearing passengers screamed in terror as their flight was bucked around by sudden mid-air turbulence.

The IndiGo flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Kashmir, India on Saturday was thrown into chaos ten minutes from touchdown when the plane began to shudder.

A constant low-level shaking that ran on for two minutes was interspersed by two large heaves.

Footage taken from inside of the cabin shows the backs of chairs wobbling violently as the turbulence takes hold.

As the plane lurches down suddenly male and female passengers can be heard letting out guttural screams.
One passenger on the plane described the scenes as the buffeted craft made its way down to towards Srinagar's Sheikh-ul-Alam airport.

"A couple of times it (the plane) shook dangerously, which panicked passengers,especially the elderly who lost their balance despite having seatbelts on," the passenger told Mirror Online.

They went on to say that panic spread through the cabin despite repeated attempts by the crew to calm people down.
The passenger continued: "(Those on board) were seen loudly praying and amongst them women cried when the plane shook heavily.

"Many recited verses from the Holy Quran."

When the flight eventually landed safely in Srinagar some of those on board shed tears of relief.
As per the Covid-19 protocol in India, all passengers were tested at the airport before being sent to different quarantine centres across the Kashmir valley.
Jet streams can trigger sudden changes in wind speed, which rocks planes midflight.

Thermal turbulence, where hot air from cumulus clouds or thunderstorms rises, can also affect passenger planes.

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