150 word review: Netflix's Space Force

2020-07-06 | Since 1 Month

In space, no-one can hear you scream, or groan, or sigh, which is a blessing for Netflix's criminally short-on-laughs new sitcom, Space Force. While SpaceX and NASA have astounded those on Earth with their recent exploits, co-creator of America's The Office and Parks and Recreation, Greg Daniels, and Oscar nominee Steve Carrell have surprisingly served up a failure to launch.

Plot: A satirical look at the US military's nascent off-planet exploits, Carrell is the unfortunate general charged with putting 'boots on the moon' and protecting extraterrestrial American interests.

What's wrong/right: While performances are strong - notably John Malkovich as a head-in-hands chief scientist and Ben Schwartz absolutely NOT reprising Parks & Rec's Jean-Ralphio - the 10 half-hour episodes raise little more than a chuckle in their entirety.

Verdict: A humour landscape as barren as the vacuum in which the action takes place. Do we count it out, though? Read early The Office reviews. 2/5


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