when the Saddam Hussein statue was toppled in Baghdad

Jon Stewart says he doesn't remember Republicans being mad about erasing history

2020-06-26 | Since 1 Month

The Daily Social Distancing Show screen shotJon Stewart appeared on an episode of "The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah" on Thursday, and lampooned the hypocrisy of Republican claims that tearing Confederate statues down would "erase history."

The recent police killing of George Floyd, and deaths of other Black Americans, have sparked international anti-racism protests, during which some civilians and city governments have been removing statues honoring Confederate soldiers.

Stewart said it's understandable that if officials don't listen to people peacefully pleading to remove racist statues "from the Jim Crow era" that there will be a "spasm."

"People say, you're erasing our history," Stewart said. "When the Saddam Hussein statue fell in Baghdad, I don't recall Republicans at the time going 'Big mistake! You don't want to erase your history! That's your history!'"

"The plaque on the statue is not history," he added. "It doesn't say 'this mother f---er thought that he should fight a war to ensure that he can have slaves on his plantation for his own benefit."

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