Cast Away: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Tom Hanks Movie

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2020-06-23 | Since 2 Month

Warning: spoilers for Cast Away are in play. If you’re not familiar with the film, you might want to turn away from this article. If your name happens to be Wilson, we’re doubly sorry for this fact.

Almost 20 years ago, director Robert Zemeckis and actor Tom Hanks took a pretty big gamble. With the creation of Cast Away, the team that made Forest Gump an award winning blockbuster wanted to tell a specific story, and they wanted to do it in a rather unconventional way. At the time, it sounded crazy, but when you look over some key behind the scenes facts, the attention paid to the film’s details are part of what made it a huge success.

We’ve chosen fifteen key facts behind Cast Away’s unique production to highlight just that, as the path that Zemeckis’ 2000 film took was one that only it could follow. It’s a tale of test screenings, numerous rewrites, and of course, Wilson the Volleyball. Even the inspiration behind the film shows how wild this entire story is, as it all started with Tom Hanks doing some light reading.


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