Gilt Burger

2020-06-20 | Since 2 Month

With the huge popularity of gourmet burgers around the Kingdom, only a few burger outlets made it to the top. Get to know Gilt Burger, one of the new burger places in Jeddah with a vibrant ambiance run by a group of ambitious Saudi entrepreneurs.
Gilt Burger offers four main burgers, bambam, truffle maker, gilt, and the gilty check, with a big range of sides and fries.
For a burger treat, you could order the truffle maker or bambam burger. The fluffy bun and grilled beef are well-balanced with a thick layer of mayonnaise, caramelized onion and sauteed mushrooms.
A must-try on the sides menu is the G-bites box, six balls of crispy deep-fried chicken with hot and barbeque sauce. Or if you are trying to stay away from carbs you can order the bun-free lettuce wrap burger and one of the yummy fresh salads and juices.
For those who can put aside the food guilt and want to enjoy a great meal with the family, there is no better way to celebrate the start of summer than a barbeque.

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