French-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella lands a new role

2020-06-20 | Since 1 Month

The French-Algerian star put aside her dancing career to pursue acting. File/AFPFranco-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella is joining the star-studded cast of the upcoming science-fiction comedy “Alpha Gang,” it has been announced this week. She will be joined by an all-star cast that includes Andrea Riseborough, Jon Hamm, Nicholas Hoult, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mackenzie Davis and Steven Yuen.
The new sci-fi comedy, which is currently in the works, is the brainchild of the Austin-based directing duo David and Nathan Zellner (the Zellner brothers) who gave us 2009’s “The Treasure Hunter.” According to reports, the project is heading to next week’s Cannes market.

While there are no details on the specific characters, the forthcoming film revolves around a group of aliens that are sent on a mission to conquer Earth. “Armed and dangerous, they show no mercy — that is, of course, until they catch the human disease of emotion. Their plan for world domination is in danger of derailing once they start to feel joy, fear, empathy and love,” as per Variety.

“I’ve been wanting to make this film for a long time — a genre mashup of sci-fi, action and comedy,” David said to the publication. “Nathan and I couldn’t be more excited about the incredible cast joining us for this wild ride.”

She is best known for her role as an alien warrior in 'Star Trek: Beyond.' Supplied

Of course, it won’t be the first time Boutella takes on the role of a sword-wielding extraterrestrial. The Algerian-born actress, who fled to Paris during the North African country’s civil war at age 10 with her family in 1992, is known for her breakout performance in the Oscar-nominated film “Star Trek: Beyond” where she portrayed a fierce alien warrior named Jaylah.
Shortly after she landed the role, the 38-year-old star’s career would change course.

Boutella, who put aside her modeling and dancing career – she toured with Madonna as a backup dancer at one point – to pursue acting, would go to take Hollywood by storm, quickly gaining a reputation as one to watch.

Today, the dancer-turned-actress has a number of Hollywood blockbusters under her belt, including “Fahrenheit 451,” “Atomic Blonde” and “The Mummy,” where she starred alongside Tom Cruise.

The Los Angeles-based star is set to relocate to Eastern Europe in 2021, where shooting for the new film is scheduled to commence.

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