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Countries adapt to ‘new normal’ as COVID-19 infects more than 6.7 million

2020-06-06 | Since 8 Month

Many countries have started easing coronavirus restrictions in a bid to go back to normal life, as global infections reached more than 6.7 million people.

Restaurants, mosques and churches, parks and other public areas have been reopened in the region, including in the UAE which is set to allow 100 percent of companies’ workforce to resume working on site.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior has reinstated restrictions in Jeddah after an evaluation of the city’s health situation. It will last for 15 days.
Saturday, June 6, 2020 (All times in GMT)

14:00 - The United Kingdom's death toll from confirmed cases of COVID-19 has risen by 204 to 40,465 as of 1600 GMT on June 5, according to government data published on Saturday.

12:39 - Saudi Arabia announced 34 more deaths from the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and 3,121 new cases of the disease on Saturday.

10:08 – Afghanistan is running out of hospital beds as suspected cases of coronavirus surge, officials said. READ THE STORY

10:08 - 2,269 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Iran, raising total infections to 169,425 with 8,209 deaths.

09:59 – Oman has registered 930 new coronavirus cases.

09:13 – Malaysia has reports 38 new coronavirus cases and 8,304 in total with one death.

09:00 – Kuwait has recorded 1,005 new coronavirus recoveries, raising total to 19,282.

08:48 – Indonesia has confirmed 993 new coronavirus infections, bringing total to 30,514 with 1,801 fatalities.

08:21 – The Philippines’ health ministry reported seven new coronavirus deaths and 714 additional infections.
08:14 – Pakistan reported 97 more coronavirus deaths, the highest 24-hour increase to its fatalities, as authorities urged volunteers to motivate people to adhere to social distancing regulations to contain the spread of the virus.

07:57 – Russia has reported 8,855 new coronavirus cases and 197 deaths in the past 24 hours.

04:52 – India surpassed Italy as the sixth worst-hit by the coronavirus pandemic after another biggest single-day spike in confirmed infections.

04:50 – Thailand has reported two new cases COVID-19.

03:20 – Germany has reported 507 new cases of coronavirus, bringing total to 183,678. The death toll in the country stood at 8,646.

01:59 – President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to pull Brazil from WHO over ‘ideological bias’.

Friday, June 5, 2020 (All times in GMT)

22:56 – Sudan has reported 151 new COVID-19 infections, and 14 fatalities. The country’s total coronavirus cases stood at 5,865, with 347 deaths.

22:40 – 930 new infections have been reported in Turkey, with 18 new deaths.

22:02 – Yemen has confirmed 16 new cases of the coronavirus, and six new deaths in the government-controlled areas.

22:02 – Egypt has reported 1,348 new cases of the virus, with 40 new fatalities.

18:47 – The UAE has confirmed 624 new cases of coronavirus, taking total to 37,642 infections. The number of deaths in the country stood at 274.

18:21 – Lebanon has reported six new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections to 1,312.

17:49 – Jordan has confirmed 19 new COVID-19 cases.

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