Yemen: Saudi Development Programs Go Beyond War Times

2020-06-02 | Since 1 Month

Yemeni girls benefit from a schooling program (Asharq Al-Awsat)Riyadh - The Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen implements its sustainable, flexible, and innovative development projects in relatively stable environments, in close coordination with the legitimate government and local communities, with the aim to build the foundations of stability, prosperity, and lasting peace throughout the country.

The program seeks to promote a comprehensive development solution in all vital sectors in Yemen, namely health, education, energy, agriculture, fish wealth, transportation, and government institutions, as well as harnessing economic, human, and environmental resources in achieving sustainable development in the country.

Among the program’s objectives is facilitating Yemenis’ access to basic services in parallel with improving and expanding the infrastructure.

The Saudi program has established 8 schools in Al Mahrah Governorate, 4 in Socotra, 4 in Aden, 2 in Hadramout, 2 in Hajjah, and 1 in Taiz. Schools consist of buildings for educational classes, administrative facilities, laboratories, libraries, and external spaces.

In the transportation sector, the Saudi program rehabilitated Al-Ghaydah airport, by providing communication equipment and the RNAV navigation system, an ambulance, and a fire truck. It also established the Marib airport (contract analysis stage), along with the rehabilitation and restoration of Socotra airport, providing it with an ambulance and a fire truck, and rehabilitating Aden airport and providing it with two buses, a fire truck, and two electric generators.

The program also targeted the water sector, which suffers from a severe shortage and worn-out infrastructure. A water line was established benefitting the city of Ghaydah, and many wells were drilled and equipped in the different governorates.

In the energy sector, the program has built 5-megawatt power stations in Socotra and Hajjah governorates, provided Al Ghaida Central Hospital with electric generators, operated wells with solar energy, and launched other sustainable projects across the country.

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