How to Handle a Team that Does Not Want You as Team Leader?

2020-05-08 | Since 1 Year

Most team leaders consider the task of establishing and maintaining a productive and collaborative team as the first and most important step in the journey towards achieving the company’s goals. This task, however, can prove to be challenging when a team leader is having a hard time winning the trust and support of their team. 

Dana Adel posted a question on Specialties, asking for ways to handle an uncooperative team. Gladys Lawrence suggested facing the team’s negativity with a positive attitude. She said that you, as a leader, are not the problem. “A leader” she noted, “must open the lines of communication within the team and work on the problems.” In agreement, Mohamed Hemedh stressed the importance of clear communication between team members and their leader, and recommended that the leader concentrates on the company’s goals and how to achieve them, first and foremost. 

Mohamed Manaa explains that being professional and respectful with everyone on the team will leave them inclined to show the same respect towards their leader. Tabrez Ahmed believes that “great leadership isn’t about bossing people around; it’s about inspiring and guiding people towards a common goal for everyone’s benefit.” He suggests giving team members credit for their work, praising their efforts and rewarding them when they succeed. 

Most specialists on the platform agree on the fact that whatever the reason for the mistrust of the team, a great team leader must listen to all sides and work on finding a common ground, in order to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to contribute in delivering a better outcome.


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