Dakhla in Morocco: Excitements and Nature

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2008-12-17 | Since 12 Year
Atlantic shores are among the many excitements around Dakhla

Dakhla is a superb white city, approximately 300 km from the famous border wall which separates Morocco and Mauritania, a quiet and serene site which is eying tourism development and expansion. Dakhla has the capacity and the means to attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. The city, located between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, is expected to become a recreation harbour that can even rival with Essaouira.

To reach Dakhla, which is chiefly a fishing port, the air route is functioning as flights have started to become more regular; four flights are currently operating from Casablanca.

By road one can also go there, and before reaching the city, the visitor can discern the giant greenhouses where all categories of tomatoes are cultivated. This market-gardening site solicited more than 24 million Euros making it possible today for the founding company to export most of its production.

Tourism in Dakhla is still embryonic, but the beauty of the place will make of it a destination impossible to circumvent. The landscapes are splendid as there is an incredible fusion of beauty between desert and Ocean.

On the edges of the 40 km asphalt road, the visitor can see ergs, arms of sea out of water at the time of high tide, and fine sand beaches that resemble Cote Basque in Hendaye.

In the bay of Dakhla, one can see little islands from the shore; these islands are accessible during low tide. Dakhla is a true paradise on ground: idleness, strolls, sunbathing and fishing (the first producer of octopus) can be part of the programme of a sunny week.

Spanish light house

Out of town, at a tiny little cape on the Atlantic shore, the old, still standing Spanish light house is found. Rising 240 steps, it is visible from most places inside Dakhla. From the top of the light house, about half of the peninsula of Dakhla can be seen, and of course, all of Dakhla.

Atlantic shores

The Atlantic shores are among the many excitements in the nature around Dakhla. Cliffs that seldom rise higher than 10 metres up from the sea are helped by the constant and strong waves that make swimming impossible.



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