Does your partner spend a bad night because of your snoring?

2020-03-16 | Since 5 Month

Have you ever struggled to nod off when your partner is blissfully (but noisily) slumbering away next to you? According to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, there are over 15 million snorers in the UK and other studies suggest that this issue will affect 50% of people during their lifetimes.

Unsurprisingly, this can cause some serious tension within relationships. Over a third of couples report that snoring sparks arguments - which isn’t surprising when snorers’ partners report an average of just three-to-five hours of kip per night.

Clearly, this isn’t ideal. So, when we saw that John Lewis had released a new anti-snore pillow, designed to reduce the frequency (and, more importantly, volume) of snores by half, we wasted no time in giving it a try.
What Causes Snoring?
The NHS reports that snoring happens when your tongue, mouth, throat or airways in your nose vibrate as you breathe. This happens because these parts of your body relax and become narrower while you snooze.

Most of the time, these nighttime grunts and rumbles aren’t caused by anything serious, but smoking, being overweight and drinking alcohol can make the problem worse. Sleeping on your back can also contribute.

How to Stop Snoring

1-Take Some Honey Before Sleep

Another thing is, just before you sleep, if you put a few drops of honey in your mouth and sleep, snoring could go away.
2- Blocked Nose Home Remedies
Before you go to bed, blow your nostrils out and make it as clear as possible so that snoring at least starts later in the night. Otherwise, if it is more stubborn, you can use ghee. If you heat butter beyond a certain point, when it cools down it will not become butter again – it will become ghee or clarified butter.

3- Take a Quick Jog

Start jogging on a daily basis, at least for five to ten minutes. Even if you are just jogging on the spot with your mouth closed, it could clear up.

4 -Yoga for Blocked Nose

If you have a very tough nasal situation which does not clear up with any of these things, there is a kriya which is called Jala Neti. It needs a certain amount of preparation. Though these things are being taught in various studios without the necessary preparation, it will not be wise to simply pour water into your nose. This practice has to be properly imparted. Our Hatha Yoga teachers would be able to teach you if needed.


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