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Mixed reaction on social media in Lebanon to Carlos Ghosn's arrival

2020-01-04 | Since 9 Month

The news of Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan and arrival in Beirut received different reactions from the Lebanese community on Twitter.


Comments included statements such as “Ghosn recruited thousands of people to shield him and to facilitate his movement worldwide, he defected to Lebanon.”

Another comment said, "Ghosn is a shame for all the Lebanese people."

One Twitter user also said the former Nissan boss just arrived on a private jet from Turkey using his French passport. “Lebanon is basically just open to anyone who wants to flee justice anywhere and has connections,” the user said.

Others offered an alternative opinion, with some people welcoming Ghosn in Lebanon and commended his move to the country saying, “proud of you, welcome back” and “welcome back Mr Ghosn.”

Meanwhile, his escape also prompted a deluge of memes on social media poking fun at the global news story.


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